Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Putting Down Roots–Finished

IMG_9496-2My grand experiment is finished – bound and labeled and hung on the wall and I love it!IMG_9484I repeated the same quilting design in the final border that I used in the sky area and straight lines on the pieced border.  Nothing too fancy  but didn’t want to detract from the central tree design.  

It is rather hard to photograph as the faux leather reflects the light but in person it is not quite so shiny looking.

I named this quilt “Putting Down Roots” for several reasons.  Back in history, Nebraska was fairly bare of trees so this quilt can symbolize the growth of trees across the state.  Early settlers planted and cared for the trees they planted on their homesteads.  Farmland still dominates the landscape but trees are more plentiful and are still cherished. 

I like the idea of the name to symbolize the fact that my family ancestors came to Nebraska and put down their roots and stayed, worked and raised their families.  Nebraska is where I grew up and my roots grow deep in this land where I live.

My next blog post will show how I stitched the background sky motif so stop back again.

Until later,

1 comment:

Virginia said...

What a fabulous quilt. I love all the texture and your quilting makes it perfect.


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