Sunday, April 6, 2014

Borders and Quilting Fun

IMG_9313Here I am auditioning the last border with corner triangle squares and I do like the plaid fabric for binding.  I like to audition different fabrics this way and can hopefully see the best choice this way before stitching and “unstitching.”IMG_9317I knew what I wanted to do with the tree and hills but had to come up with an idea for the sky background quilting so I used scrap pieces of paper that had been in the trash to explore ideas and practice the designs.  I always keep papers that are only printed on one side to draw quilting designs on the backsides or on the white borders of printed sheets too.  Basically I am a doodler when I am on the phone, watching TV or just sitting around.  Do you do that too?  I think it really helps when I actually do the stitching if I have drawn the design over and over on paper first.IMG_9450As you can see I quilted the tree in the beige colored thread – Glide by Fil Tec.  I quilted near the original design lines that I stitched earlier then other texture lines to hopefully make the tree have some shape.IMG_9490The hills and grass were also quilted in the beige colored thread but the sky was quilted with black Glide thread by Fil-Tec.  One thing about quilting on the faux leather is that there is no ripping so first time is the only time it gets stitched.  I used a chalk wheel to mark the lines on the hills and a few more lines on the tree and that helped keep me on track.

This was a very fun section to quilt and I enjoyed it very much.  Maybe there will be more of it in my future.

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