Saturday, March 21, 2015

International Quilting Day 2015

IMG_3810What are you doing to celebrate this International Quilting Day today?  I plan to work on a fabric purse/bag that is taking more time than it should but I am determined to finish it so am stitching a bit more on it each day.  I also have 2  hexi projects that I am also working on as I sit and watch TV in the evenings.  I do plan to share them with you but will wait until they are finished.

The sunbonnet girl appliqued square above is a 4” block so is pretty small.  It has been finished to this point for many years and pinned to my design wall.  I hand appliqued it soon after I took a needle turn applique class to practice all the things I learned but here it sits, unfinished. Someday I hope to put it in a quilt or project of some kind but until then I can enjoy looking at it.IMG_3811The pattern for it came from this book 501 Quilt Blocks by Better Homes and Gardens.  The book was a gift from my brother one Christmas and although I have not directly used it much it is a great source of inspiration as I love traditional quilts and it is filled with traditional blocks.  It has lots of 4” blocks….duh, guess there are 501 of them like the title says!  There are pieced as well as applique block designs in the book but no patterns.  The block pieces can be traced for templates or you will have to figure out the sizes for any strip piecing.  Most of us can do that if we have the finished sizes so that should not be a problem.IMG_3812This is the page where I got the design for the little sunbonnet girl picking the flower.  I just thought she was so cute and even at the 4" size it was an easy applique to do.

My challenge for you is - get up and play with some fabric today!


Ivory Spring said...

Your block is absolutely adorable. Happy Quilting!

Jeanna said...

Very cute Sunbonnet Sue.

Lana said...

Wow! So cute! You have a great blog here...I love seeing how others create...I know i will be back here often!


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