Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Traditions

After the third time of doing something I think it can be called a tradition, right?  A tradition our family has established now (third year) is to have a wiener roast cookout down at the river on Easter noon.  IMG_1719Our church services are early at 7:00 am on Easter morning with a pot luck breakfast after but still were home by 9:30 am.  We got our 4-wheelers and ATVs loaded with wood, old tire rim we use as a fire pit, lawn chairs, folding table and coolers of food.  When everyone brings something to add to the meal it isn’t a lot of work for any one person.  IMG_1740The weather was wonderful with blue skies and mild temperatures.  It was such a beautiful afternoon to spend visiting, walking the sandbars and along the banks of the river.  Our daughter found some old bones, some might have been fossils and some might be more recent from cattle, deer or other animals.  Sometimes people find arrowheads but personally I have never found any.IMG_1746A couple of vultures making lazy circles overhead.  We see them quite often around our area and they help clean up road kill and other dead animals.  They are really quite ugly birds but they are so graceful soaring in big circles.IMG_1763Trees along the banks are spacious and it's a beautiful area due to the land owner removing the trash trees and cleaning up the dead limbs.  He spends many hours working to keep it so nice looking.IMG_1755A nephew and our two grandsons discovered the remains of broken off tree was being occupied by a family of owls on one of their hikes.  I don’t know what type of owls these are as the adult would fly off before we would get near.  The nest in this broken tree was at least 20 feet up so I had to wait until the young owls peeped their heads up to see them and snap their photo.  Out of the dozen photos I took I only got this one showing the head of one baby.  The rest of the photos looked like two white puff balls at the top of the tree when they ducked down in their nestIMG_1752 I like to call this photo "porcupine eggs growing along the river."  Actually they are cockleburs and the seed pods are notorious for sticking to anything brushing by them.  I had to pick several out of my shoe laces and socks several times as I always seemed to walk through them.
Still cool enough to keep our sweatshirts on even though it got a little warm at times.  I wore a large brimmed hat most of the day too but my hands were exposed to the sun and wouldn't you know I got a sunburn on the tops of both of them.  Good thing I had long sleeves and long pants on or I would be pretty miserable I am thinking.

Our grandsons looked forward to our outing on Sunday as did the rest of us.  They put on their boots and waded in the river, tried to catch minnows, hiked through the trees, roasted wieners over the fire and ended with toasted marshmallows they made into S’mores.  We had a lovely day and hope to continue the tradition again next year. 

Until later,

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Jeanna said...

This is a wonderful post, Lynn. What a great family tradition. So happy everyone had an enjoyable time and the weather was good.


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