Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hexagons and Diamonds

IMG_3954My friend gave a program on hexagon quilts last month at our quilt guild and inspired me to make something new with hexagons.  It was a coincidence that I watched episode #1507 of The Quilt Show the day after the meeting with Cheryl See as the main guest and she was further inspiration.  She is known for her fabulous hexagon quilts, one which won the hand workmanship award at the AQS show in Paducah 2012 and now belongs to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.  I was fortunate to get to see it up close and it is amazing.  Check out her facebook page  and the museum for more photos of her quilts.1003305_149315505270051_915731945_n One of the things she demonstrated on that show were the cute bowls made from hexagons and diamonds.  I printed off hexagon, diamond and half hexagon templates onto card stock paper from the internet, right now I can’t remember what website – sorry.  Anyway, you can probably find a page of hexagons and matching triangles to print or use any of the pre-cut shapes found at most quilt shops.  It uses full hexagons, diamonds and half hexagons, all hand pieced together and hand stitched over a stiff base covered with the lining fabric.  It did take me a couple of evenings to make but it sure turned out cute.  Cheryl has published a book “Not Just Hexies” that has this pattern plus other patterns using these shapes.  I used 1” hexagons for this project – 1” length of each straight side.IMG_3957
IMG_3949Backing up to my original topic - My friend gave a wonderful program that evening at quilt guild then handed out Hexie kits she put together for all the members to make into a Christmas ornament from the paper 1” hexagons and fabric.  Finished mine off and now I have two things to take for show and tell at our April meeting this week, small items, I know, but they are finished!  Most months I just enjoy seeing what everyone else has to show so this will be change.IMG_3958I pieced a miniature hexagon quilt many years ago with an applique border and still don’t have it all quilted.  The straight sides of these hexies are about 3/8”  I do some hand quilting on it occasionally then it gets put away again for a while.   Maybe someday I will get it finished if I can just make myself work on it more often and it already has a name.  I named it "Lady In Waiting" for many reasons, one is that it is waiting patiently for me to get it finished.IMG_1157
Until Later,


Jeanna said...

Cute projects but your mini quilt is amazing! So many little hexies and I love the applique border.

Jen said...

What a great way to use hexies in that bowl! Maybe I will have to try that with some of the leftovers from my hexie project. And wow, that mini quilt is neat! 3/8" hexies sound so tiny!


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