Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lucky Lady, ME!

I feel so very lucky lately.  I showed the threads I won on a blog drawing a few weeks ago and now hold on to your hats readers as I was selected the “winner” again and again and again!  Wow, can you believe it?IMG_3915First win was this book A Modern Twist by Natalie Barns.  It is filled with colorful quilts and projects.  This just might catapult me out of my greyed down traditional fabrics. Great book, thanks Natalie.IMG_3917Next win is something I never would have thought to do.  Brooke Selmann from Silly Mama Quilts chose me as the winner of her giveaway.  The grand prize is the left overs/scraps from one or more of her quilts.  Isn’t that a great idea? I now own a variety of odds and ends that will be fun to play with and make something from.  Thanks Brooke for the scraps!IMG_3919IMG_3920I was selected as the winner by Darlene from Quilt Shop Gal for the two above items.  The first is a piece of patterned felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles – wonderful idea to use all those plastic bottle we all use. The second item from Darlene from  is the book “Graphic Quilts from Everyday Images” written by Heather Schrimsher.  Love the clean lines and simplicity of the quilt patterns in this book.  Thank you Darlene!

Now I know you are all asking, how can I have chances to win some blog giveaways and how to find them?  Actually it is pretty easy.  Quilt Shop Gal has a special page on her blog where any blogger can list their giveaways.  Great way to find lots of great blogs to visit and enter the contests.

On that same vein Quilter Blogs has a lists of giveaways from other blogs.  Not sure, but think you can sign up your blog and maybe posts are sorted out for the giveaways, but not sure about that.  However they get listed, there are lots of blogs to check out for their giveaways. 

Another giveaway site The Giveaway Roundup is another good place to list your giveaways and find ones to to enter.

Last but certainly not least check out Wow I Like That where you can list your own giveaways and shop for giveaways to enter.

Now you all know my secret so I am wishing you good luck on winning some cool stuff too!

Until Later,

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