Friday, March 28, 2008

Coiled Fabric Baskets-Bowls-Mats

A few weeks ago I took a
workshop from a friend on
making the fabric mats and
fabric baskets/bowls with
cotton clothesline cord and
fabric strips using our sewing
machines. It was a really fun,
no stress class. Making the
mats and baskets was really
quite easy and we had good
instructions to get us started.

First we all made a coaster to learn the technique then could decide what we wanted to do next. I made an oval mat then started on a small bowl that I finished later at home.

This is a good way to use up more of that fabric I have in my stash that is really quite ugly now. Really wonder why I thought some of it was so beautiful at the time time I purchased it!

After I got home and the next week I worked on making more of the baskets/bowls and mats. I even experimented with making one mat with an open zig-zag area in the middle. Took a little thinking but it worked out ok.

At first we had a hard time finding the clothesline cord so my sister got us some as she could find it where she lived in an area Wallmart. At the time our Wallmart stores and other discount stores did not carry it. The last time I was in our Wallmart they had it so I bought all they had to share or have on hand when I want to make more of the coiled pieces. It is back in the tool area of the store with chains and ropes not in the laundry area where I thought it would be.

Until Later....

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Penni Kinkade said...

What size rope do you use?


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