Thursday, March 13, 2008

Paper Stars

Today I worked on making some 3-d paper stars. I got the pattern a year or so ago from the following website.

The one I am making is the Great Stellated Dodecahedron. There are a lot of points to glue but it is really pretty when all done. I scanned a piece of fabric and using Photoshop Elements, I "cut" a triangle from one section of the fabric print. I use that cut to paste it into all the sections of the star. Looks cool and like a kaleidoscope the way the pattern repeats itself.

I need to make 8 of these stars as I am going to use them as decorations for my table at our guild's China Luncheon and Bed Turning. I plan to spray paint some branches either white or navy, stick them in a vase and hang the stars on the branches as the centerpiece of my table. My plan is for all the people at the table to each take one of the stars home as a gift.

I only finished 2 today. Seems to take a while to do the cutting and pasting and now am thinking I may just make two of each design so I don't have to do so much busy work on each star.

I insert fishing line into two opposite points before I close up the star. To keep it from pulling out I tie it to a button that will hold it in the point then tie an overhand knot on the outside to keep it from slipping back inside the star. One point will have a line to hang the star from and the other I string a few beads that hang down and keep the star hanging straight.

Need to see if there is an easier way of making the stars as gluing the last few pieces is very difficult.

Will try to get some photos of the 2 stars I have finished tomorrow.


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