Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Time Blogger

Today is the first day of my blog - Nebraska Views. Now to figure out what to say......

I love to quilt, flower garden and I love to take photos with my digital camera so will be posting photos of them all I suppose. I purchased the Canon Power Shot A710 digital camera last spring but am still learning to use all of the features. I do like the compactness of it even though it is not one of the really small ones that you can buy now.

On the quilting front I do a lot of miniatures and love the challenge of making the small quilts. I have a doll bed collection I am trying to make quilts for and think I have made quilts for around 31 doll beds and probably that many to go yet. Have not counted for a while. A lot of the doll beds are small, the kind that go in doll houses. I have a couple of bigger doll beds done and a couple more to go.

Right now I am machine quilting a lap quilt to be donated to a local nursing home. The quilt guild I belong to is doing that as a service project this year - will post a photo of it when I finish it. The photo below is of the last miniature quilt I finished making and is made to hang on the wall not go on a bed. It is 7" x 5 3/4" with the center flower blocks measuring 1" square and it is machine quilted. Took me a while to finish it as I wasn't satisfied with the borders - still don't think the proportions are quite right but was tired of messing with it.
I took this photo of the amaryllis that opened to bloom on Saturday. The plant is so cheery to look at setting on my kitchen island.

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