Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finished projects

I thought when I first started this blog that I would probably write something each day. It seems like my life these past few weeks has really been busy. I really don't know where all the time has gone as my house still needs a good cleaning, I haven't spent that much time in the kitchen and I really have not done that much quilting either.

I do know I have spent quite a bit of time making the 3 dimensional stars I will be using at the bed turning in April. All 8 of the stars are done now as of a couple of days ago. My dilemma now is how to use them on my table. My first idea was to hang them all from branches stuck in a vase. I am now thinking that might just be a little too much and too bulky looking. I do want my guests to be able to see each other when they are eating. Now I am leaning toward displaying them in a large bowl or on a large plate on the center of the table.

I did get better and quicker at putting them together by the time I got to the last ones. Those first ones were quite the challenge. One had to be done over as I ripped the paper trying to get it glued. Kind of glad to have them done and they are fun to look at all hanging in a row on the fireplace.

I got the last leaf appliqued on a miniature quilt I have been working on - off and on to be exact - for over 10 years. I collected purple fabrics from my friends to get started years ago and it seems like I basted and basted fabric to the hexagon forms I cut out of freezer paper before I could start putting the flowers together in groups. Each hexagon is about 1/2" across.

Each purple flower is made out of a different purple fabric, each green hexagon is a different green and each flower center is a different gold or yellow fabric. When it came time to pick out a background fabric I had a difficult time finding something that would look good with the dark and the light fabrics. I settled on the beige and like the result.

After hand piecing the center I decided it needed an appliqued border so that took more time but am glad I did it as I do like the results. As I said I worked on this quilt top for a looong time. Never felt the urge to hurry and get it done as I did enjoy the process and it was a good size as a take along project. I hope to get it basted together in the next few days and will hand quilt it since the entire top is done by had up to this point. A friend suggested the name and I really think it fits this top. It will be named "Lady in Waiting". This quilt traveled to many hospitals when my dad was a patient and also when my mother had some health problems and had to be hospitalized. I worked on it to pass the time as I visited them and waited in waiting rooms.

Until the next time...

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