Sunday, June 21, 2009

Family Reunion - Hanging By A Rope

Family Reunions equal fun times! My mother's family just had such a weekend. We met at Camp Comeca near Cozad, Nebraska from Friday evening until just after noon today. This camp has a hotel like facility so we were all very comfortable and got to enjoy some of the camp activities as well.

Quite a few of us tried out the Zip Line on Saturday morning. The zip line at the camp was a cable that was was attached to one side of the hill and stretched down and across then attached at the bottom. We got all harnessed up and helmeted then hooked up to the cable where we jumped off the platform. This zip line wasn't too high but still it was a little scary to jump off into space.
The photo below was taken from above the zip line of family members waiting for their turn and others watching the fun.

Saturday afternoon part of the group enjoyed canoeing and paddle boating. I stayed on shore as I didn't think I was up to paddling or peddling one of the boats. John, our daughter S and grandsons ventured out in a canoe. They had a great time but the 3 yr. old thought the canoe would tip over. He was right to be concerned as it did happen to one canoe.
Everyone had to wear life jackets which was good as one of my brothers, a sister and brother in law did tip their canoe over not too far out from the dock. They bobbed there for a while until the camp staff made it out to collect them. They just over compensated when they were trying to learn to steer and propel the canoe forward. They were all OK but very wet.

We also swam in the pool, played a baseball game with not too many rules and had meals together in the camp dining room. There was something for everyone to do and we had lots of catching up as well.

There were 4 sisters and 2 brothers in my mother's family. Of the 6 siblings and their spouses there are only 7 living now. They are scattered across the United States, two in Nebraska, one in North Carolina, two in Wisconsin, and two in Iowa. After my grandparents passed away the brothers and sisters decided to continue having family gatherings and we now have them every two years for all of them, their kids, grand kids, and now great grand kids too. We could have have had almost 115 and had a little less than half that number attend this year. The family has spread all across the country and everyone's schedule and circumstances dictate whether they can attend but all that did attend had a wonderful time. This year they came from Nebraska, Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Maryland, California, Wyoming and Colorado.

This year one of my uncles and his wife couldn't attend because of health issues but the siblings did get a chance to visit with him via the Internet. One of his daughters set up her computer and her sister had one set up at their home so they could visit - follow the blue arrow. They could see and hear each other on the computer screen and we all took our turn to say hi. (My mother is the one on the right.)

As you can see, no sewing the last few days and probably not much this week either. Our granddaughters are coming for a visit and I will help them sew. They enjoyed it last year and I am sure will enjoy it this year too.

Until Later,


Geta Grama said...

Wow, what a great time you had !

Mary L. said...

What fun! We just had to pass on my husband's family reunion held at the YMCA Camp of the Rockies in Winter Park, CO. In past years some of my kids and grandkids enjoyed the zip line tremendously.


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