Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone?

First it was computer problems (twice) then the family reunion, overnight guests and now the visit from the granddaughters. I met them in Grand Island last Thursday and of course we had to shop for birthday gifts before we could come home. S. had to get fabric for a pillow she is making for 4-H too. Was fun to see her walking around the store considering different fabrics before she made her selection. I had to drive the pickup that day as they wanted to bring their bicycles for the week too.

The girls have not woke up yet this morning so have a little quiet for a while anyway. S. has most of her 4-H pillow sewn now and both girls made little bags to hold their MP3 players and head phones. It has been fun to watch them choose the fabric they wanted to use on their bags. They had to look through all my fabrics before deciding on 2. As soon as they got done making the bag they got the player and head phones and stuffed them in and had to carry them around the rest of the day.

We have been busy - S has been working on her pillow, playing with some clay they bought, putting puzzles together (one was easy and we are still working on the other one), played computer, garage sales on Sat., helped clean parsonage for a new minister that arrives today (we took bicycles into to town and they and rode around town with a couple other kids from our church), had a party at daughter S. on Sat. night....as you see we have not had any spare time.

Today's agenda is to have S finish her pillow as much as we can - didn't buy a pillow form so she will have to do the hand stitching at home. The girls want to go swimming so will probably do that this afternoon. I let them stay up last night to finish watching the second Anne of Green Gables movie so it was 10:30 when they went to bed so don't expect them to wake up for at least an hour or more yet. They sure liked those movies and the story and so did I. I downloaded the Anne of Green Gables audio book from Libra Vox yesterday and will burn it to a CD for them to take home to listen to. I want to download one or two of the follow up books too if I have time.

You know, I didn't realize how much I enjoy quiet until it is quiet. The girls are always chatting, giggling, etc. so it has been pretty lively around here lately. They are so much fun to visit with and their views of a situation can be very different than ours. They keep us entertained for sure. They will be here until tomorrow or Thursday so only have a day or two left.

We have been invited to a distant cousin's for July 4th for a pot luck picnic and to watch the fireworks. Should be fun. We usually just stay home so this will be a nice change. We did see some of the fireworks our town had on Saturday night as we were driving home from S. We were probably over 20 miles away from town when we started seeing them. They always have a big display. We watched them all the way home and they just finished about the time we got here. Made the trip home a little faster as we were all looking for the next one to go off.

Quiet over for now - girls just got up. I hope this all makes sense as I have not had a good chance to read it over very well....oh well.


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