Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring in Nebraska

That is a pretty broad title - Spring in Nebraska.  It could include many calves, track meets, rain storms, flowers, home grown vegetables, fresh air and many more things.
I have been picking asparagus for about a month now and love each and everyone I eat.  As a kid I hated it, just hated it.  Of course I was a picky eater then and "hated" a lot of foods.  My mother had a huge garden which included a large asparagus bed and it produced and produced each year.  I am not sure when I decided I liked it but now I can say I love it.  I like to roast it in a hot oven with a little olive oil sprinkled on it plus maybe some thyme or other herb.  I can just taste it now...mmmm.  I have to go out and cut it about every other day so have had lots of meals of it.  I am sorry John doesn't like it but then again there is more for me to eat. 
My iris are starting to bloom too.  This one is such a dark orange color.  Isn't it beautiful?  I have quite a few colors of iris most of which were given to me by my mother, again the fantastic gardener - veg. and flowers.  At one time I had over 30 different colors but over the years some have died or didn't survive the move here.  I love them but wish the blooms lasted longer.


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kiwicarole said...

Lucky you to have the room to grow asparagus! And I do love the colours of your irises. I bought my Mum some new colours, she grows lots of them in her garden.
Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment too! I am much better now after my trip to hospital.
Carole :)


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