Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tiny Teddy Bear has a Boo Boo

When we attended the music program of our older grandson the other night the younger brother pulled this tiny teddy bear out of his mom's purse.  It is about 3" tall so it pretty small.  It is one we gave him for Christmas but now the teddy had a problem.  He was about to loose his head.

M. asked me if I could please fix it for him because he really liked it a lot.  I was very serious and told him I could fix his teddy bear by doing surgery on it.  The teddy bear has a magnet in it's tummy and one on each of the legs so is fun to play with and he also takes it to bed with him.  We zipped him into my purse pocket so it wouldn't get lost and I brought it home with me.

Today I performed the surgery and gave him a little more stuffing in the tummy as well as sewing the head on again.  As soon as I was done with it I put it back into the zippered pocket in my purse so I won't forget to take it next week when we go up to watch him play T-Ball and can give it back to him.  I can't wait as 4 yr. olds just make me smile.  M. loves to play T-Ball and told me he was really good so don't want to miss his game for sure.

He has played 4 games already but we have not been able to go up to see them.

1 comment:

Elaine Adair said...

Sweet story! Thank goodness he didn't need to be discarded! 8-(

Does this little bear have a quilt?

Hope you have a quilty week. We're preparing for a cold snap, again!


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