Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy December

Molded Glass
I don't know where most of December went but here it is a week before Christmas and I haven't posted since December 1. I have not touched my sewing machine since then either.
Painted Canvas and Metal

Two weeks in a row John and I attended conferences in Kearney for several days each. I did get most of my Christmas shopping done while John attended meetings but sure didn't get anything done here at home.  I have made some candies and cookies, made some Christmas visits, wrote our Christmas letter, cleaned up my house and have my laundry caught up so now I have time to do a few other things before our family arrives mid-week.
Molded Glass
This year it took me longer to get my decorations up - walking is still not back to normal so my ankle gets tired easily. I decided to not take everything out of my boxes this year but the house looks festive anyway. I have WAY TOO MANY Christmas decorations and should sort and get rid of some of them. Maybe my daughters will want some that I didn't put up then I wouldn't feel bad about leaving them in the box.
Painted Gourd
We put up two trees....I know it's overkill. One of them is very skinny, called a pencil tree that we have had for years. The house we moved from was limited on space so we got this skinny tree and it worked out great. We have two living areas so one tree is put up in each. The skinny tree only has Santa ornaments on it...with the exception of one Mrs. Santa.
Plastic from the 80s
Santa and Mrs. Santa I made from nylon hose
The second tree is full and tall and I put the rest of the ornaments on it - oh, by the way both trees artificial. I am allergic to pine, cedar and fur trees so just can't have them in the house and the artificial look OK.
Santa holding a quilt
Plastic formed over glass ball
The photos on this post are some of the Santa ornaments on our skinny tree. Enjoy!


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Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I love all your ornaments! I remember making those faces from nylon hose years ago. Merry Christmas!


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