Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Nest

I have taken lots of photos here around the house to learn what my camera can do, how to change the settings and practice taking photos.  I took a photo of "my nest" as one of those photos.
As you can see I have a lot of stuff surrounding the chair I sit in to watch TV, do needlework and play on the computer.  I used Photoshop Elements to draw the different colored arrows to the different things.

First my lovely almost worn out blue recliner.  We have had it for years and the fabric is starting to wear out but I have not found anything to replace it with that is as comfortable.  I have an end table to the left of the chair with quilt magazines and a lamp and telephone but wanted more table space so have a small folding table to the right.  I can take it down when we have company or use it in other places in the house when I need an extra table.  It can be set up at different heights too which is nice (Purchased it at Menards a few years ago) on to the rest of the stuff.  The yellow arrows point to my lap top computer and charger cord.  The laptop is sitting on a sort of bean bag with a flat surface on the top of it.  It is something that the girls had when they were young so they could lay on the floor and color or do homework.  Kind of like a little table top.  It works great to sit on my lap to use the laptop.

The green arrow points to a fabric bag filled with rice that I used on my ankle the other day.  I keep it in the freezer and when I need an ice bag I use that.  It is not quite as cold as real ice but is cold enough for most times that I need one.

The orange arrow points to a can of my various remotes.  Seems like there is one for everything...TV, VCR, DVD, Stereo and Satellite.  They get scattered all over so now I have this can/small bucket that I keep them in.

Pink arrow points to the fly swatter.  Yes it is December 1 but just last week I had a fly annoying me while I sat in the chair.  He didn't annoy me long though!

Lastly are the blue arrows.  The blue arrows point to the stuff I use to exercise my ankle.  On the left side of the photo is a tan belt - used to wrap around foot and stretch foot side to side, pull up foot and twist foot.  The red stretchy rubber band like thing has a loop tied in the end where I insert my foot.  I have to pivot my foot all different directions with it being stretched for resistance.  There is a tennis ball and another prikly blue ball that I have to roll the ball of my foot over.  (prickly ball is sold to use in the clothes dryer)  Lastly is the dictionary on the floor and the mayo jar wrapped in hand weights on the table.  Odd things to use for therapy but this is how I use them.  I put the ball of my foot on the dictionary and the mayo jar wrapped in hand weights on my knee.  The theory is the weight will help stretch my foot and ankle muscles so I can eventually get my heel to touch the floor and the mayo jar was the heaviest thing I could find in my cupboard.

I finished my last physical therapy session on my ankle yesterday but will keep doing the exercises at home for many months yet I am sure.  The pain is gone but it is still stiffer than I want it to be.  I have to remember not to limp and to walk slowly stretching the ankle each time I take a step.  Hopefully someday I won't even notice the difference between the two ankles.

I have not told you that I do have to have surgery on my right shoulder the first part of January so will start  PT with that a few weeks after.  The shoulder has a flex. joint called the AC joint at the end of my collar bone that is very arthritic.  The arthritis has grown downward and that is scraping one of my rotator cuff muscles.  So far it has not done too much damage but could if left alone.  I had the same problem with my left shoulder and had surgery on it 7 years ago and had let it get really bad and had to have more done but it is great now.  I decided to have the surgery right after Christmas so I could be healed by spring then I can do my own gardening this year.  It is not something I am looking forward to but it is not going to get better and only worse if I do nothing.  I am tired of it hurting and my motion being limited on that arm.  Actually I was seeing the Dr. for the shoulder and doing PT for it when I broke my ankle so it has been put on hold until the ankle got well.  I am hoping this next year I have no surgeries or major health problems because this year has been a bummer.

I am left handed so hopefully this time I will be able to manage things a little better than when I had it operated on.  It still is very hard to do some things with only one arm.  Try zipping up your jeans, drying your hair with the blow dryer, putting on your bra with only one hand.  I am so thankful that John can help me with some things, some I will forgo like the bra (thankfully it will be cold so I can wear heavy sweatshirts and no one will even know) and will probably just wear sweat pants until I can manage to button and zip my jeans.  As for the hair, last time I had John hang an wire clothes hanger over the curtain rod and tied my blow dryer to it.  I could style my hair as it dried that way.  You know a person always finds a way to do things if possible.

I don't know how much sewing, even by hand, I will be able to do though.  I am hoping I can do some or maybe do some beading to keep busy.  Will let you know.

OK - guess I have delayed getting my Christmas decorations up long enough.  I have the boxes up from the storage room in the basement and need to get it done today.  It always looks so nice when it is finished.  Will get a photo of the stockings when I get them all hung too.



Emma said...

I had shoulder surgery a few years ago and I totally understand what you mean about putting on bras and such. I found that they make different styles of front-closing bras (sports bras and regular ones) that you can do easily because your surgeried arm can reach the closure. And I wore baggy t-shirts for almost a month because I couldn't get anything tighter on (my shoulder that was cut was my right one...and I am severely right handed).

stitches said...

I love your "nest"..I had called my chair and surrounding area, a "nest" for years. When I am working on a particular project, it's all at my fingertips and that's just like I want it. My chair needs replaced also..sorry to hear about your shoulder surgery coming up but hopefully, it will solve your pain and mobility. P.S. I really like your tutorial on the denim stocking, sure need to make a few of them myself, maybe next year. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a good New Year. Stitches (aka Sandy R.)


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