Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Special Ornaments

Since I have no sewing/quilting projects or progress to show you I am IMG_0526going to post 2 more of my favorite Christmas ornaments.

This is an ornament I purchased a few years ago.  It is entirely covered with seed beads that are glued to an egg shape.  As you can see the holes of the beads are faced up.  I don’t remember but am thinking this was made in a country other than the United States.  John and I had attended the National Finals rodeo in Las Vegas and I purchased this at the merchants/vendors building.  I should have written down the information at the time … oh well, I still love it and it reminds us of that trip.

IMG_0604 While I am showing beaded  ornaments the one below was given to me by Fay this year (two beaded ornaments in one year – wow!)  This three dimensional Santa frog she didn’t make though.  She purchased it but isn’t it the cutest thing.  I had to take a photo with my  hand just to show you how small it is.

Am trying something new as I write this blog entry.  I am using Windows Live Writer.  It has a few more bells and whistles than the blogger posting page.  Let me know how it shows up or if you like or don’t like reading it this way.  I have no idea how it will publish.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season!
PS - Live writer if from Windows.  You can learn more about it here and download the add on to your computer.  I have Vista on my computer.

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tich said...

What is Windows Live Writer and what oparating ystem is it on?


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