Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keeping My Hands Busy

I finally am able to do a little with my right arm so decided to try knitting.   That makes it sound like I really know how to knit and  guess I do but definately not a master knitter by any means.  My knitting experience is quite limited and mostly I have just knited squares and rectangles.  I did start knitting a pair of socks at least a year ago but only got one done over the heel then put it away.  Must get it out again sometime and see if I can figure out where I am on it or start over.

I decided to make more dishcloths.  I love to use these dishcloths and this was the perfect project for me right now.   I use the directions for one called Grandmothers Favorite.  The website is called Knitting Pattern Central and has lots and lots of free knitting patterns all types.

It had been so long since I have knitted anything I couldn't even remember how to cast on and then after I finished it I couldn't remember how to cast off.  Luckily I had a fabulous website ( bookmarked to give me a memory boost.    I used this website to help learn to knit even though my niece taught me the basics.  For one thing, this web page has wonderful short videos on the different stitches.  The videos show the English method of knitting which most American's use...this one you throw the yarn over the needle with the right hand, and the Continental method which picks up the yarn that is held with the left hand.  The Continental method reminds me more of crochet and for me being left handed it just was much more natural feeling so taught myself that method and that is the one I use.

I would recommend the Knitting Help free web videos to anyone wanting to learn to knit.  They are very easy to see what to do and you can play them over and over until you get it or to refresh your memory as I needed this time.

I like to use the circular needles when I knit instead of the straight kind as I was always hitting the sides of my chair with the straight ones and the circular ones are more compact and I don't have that problem.  
I did make a few errors when knitting this first dishcloth but you know it is just a dishcloth so I am not ripping stitches to start over.  I didn't do the increase yarn over a couple of times and once I stopped in the middle of a row to go do something and when I came back I picked it up and knitted back to the same end and didn't notice it until several rows later.  It makes the dishcloth have 1/2 row more on one side than the other.  This pattern only uses the knit stitch and is knit from one corner up on the diagonal with yarn over to increase at the beginning of each row until you reach the half way point then knit two stitches together to decrease.  It makes the dishcloth look like it has a lace edge with the yarn overs.
Two more errors.

I made one change in the pattern though.  I like a larger dishcloth so I knit rows until I have 50 stitches on the needles before I start decreasing.  The pattern says to increase until you have 44 stitches.  I use a size 7 circular needles that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I like the narrow tips on the end of these particular needles.  I use the Sugar and Cream yarn an inexpensive cotton yarn that makes great dishcloths.  That is pretty much it - I do use a large eyed needle to weave the tails back into the previous knitting at the start and finish.
Have one done and started another with another color yarn last evening.  Don't know how many I will knit but now can knit these almost without thinking so can watch TV while knitting.  As I said they are great dishcloths, easy to make and they do make great gifts too!

Until Later,


Kim said...

I love knitting these dishclothes too. One good movie can produce a good size dishcloth :)

paula, the quilter said...

This is the pattern I use too. I just made a shawl recently that is a very similar pattern. So glad you are doing well.

Amy said...

I always wanted to try knitting but never have. I should give this a try. I'm glad your healing is allowing for a little craft work.

tich said...

Glad you are feeling the creative urges coming back again. The dishcloth is pretty.


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