Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Storm

This is what we woke up to this morning.  The fir trees have a light coating of ice that luckily didn’t get thicker as the day progressed.  The snow started in the morning and was fine but continuous all day with strong winds.  So far we don’t have drifting yet anyway.  The snow has gotten heavier during the afternoon so wonder what it will be like tomorrow.  The weather people say snow and strong winds with a high temperature of 4 so they are telling us that the wind chill temperatures may be down to -40 F.  Now that is COLD!

John opened up the barn and have places for all the horses and calves to get out of the wind.  The cows are over in an area that has a very protected area that is out of the wind so they will be ok too.  You never know how the storm will finally play out but need to be prepared for the worst.   The large snow blower is on the tractor so now it is a waiting game.
The wind is from the north so the ice is only on the north side of the trees.  So glad we didn’t get more of the ice as that can do lots of damage in a hurry.  I didn’t do too much walking around out there this morning as the wind was too, too cold.

I canceled my PT appointment this morning as it would have not been a smart choice to drive the 45 miles up and back when the weather was marginal at best.  I tried to do my exercises an extra time today to make up for it and hopefully when I go on Thursday the weather will have calmed down by then.    The only time I went out was to take these photos and that was long enough for me. 


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Chris said...

Man, this is one HUGE storm. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday and will get 12 more overnight. Wind chills here are around -30. Brrrr!


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