Thursday, January 27, 2011

Physical Therapy

I am now doing Physical Therapy for my shoulder and additional therapy for my ankle.  I had my first appointment  and therapy session and after this first session I got a printout of the different exercises I need to do here at home to increase my mobility and strength between PT visits. 

I was so exhausted from the 1 1/2 hour session I dozed on the way home…don’t worry John was driving!  I took an hour nap after getting home too.  I don’t remember being that tired in a long time and worried the nap would make it hard to get to sleep that night but must have needed that sleep as I slept all night long.

I did do the series of exercises again before I went to bed a couple of times and started out the next day with them.  If I am to get my range of motion back I have to be diligent about doing them several times a day.  Let me clue you in….they are not fun and are uncomfortable and take time I would rather be doing something else.  I am not saying I have pain, just discomfort but if I don’t stretch a little more each time I won’t get better.

I do have some special equipment I am using – the pulley system is one I had from when I had the left shoulder fixed 7 years ago.  I have a couple of different exercises I do with this apparatus.  It very conveniently hangs from a closed door and I can do the exercises a few times every time I walk by.
I use towels, belts, walls and corners of the walls for some of the other exercises.  I use this foam slant piece to help stretch my foot and ankle.  Actually this area of my house sort of looks like the Physical Therapy gym.  It does make it handy though to have it all out where I can see it as well as reminds me to do them frequently during the day.
Guess it is time to go do the series of exercises again as sitting here with the laptop sure isn’t stretching the shoulder and ankle. 

Happy Exercising to Me,


YankeeQuilter said...

As someone who has gone down the PT road several times believe me when I say it makes a huge difference! I used to plan little rewards for myself...a trip to the fabric store if I do my routine for one a day...

Mary L. said...

What a flashback, seeing that pulley system. I had one just loke it following my shoulder reconstruction in 1997. I'm feeling your pain in rehab.


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