Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tension Can Make A Big Difference

I finished knitting two more dish clothes.  I just love all the different colors of yarn and like to make them all from different colors.  I do have some yarn left after each one and eventually I will knit part of one dish cloth with one color and the rest with a coordinating yarn, tying on the new yarn as I knit.  Here they are…one made from a self striping yarn and the other with flecks of pink and green in the white yarn.
They look the same size don’t they?  Well, they are not the same size.  I think I have close to the same number of stitches on each unless I counted wrong but the white one with the flecks of color is so much smaller because I was holding the yarn much too tight and tightening each stitch too much.  I was having trouble getting the yarn to slip on the needles but by the time I realized that is what I was doing I kept going until the end so it wouldn’t be too lop sided.  On the variegated peach/brown one I worked to hold the yarn looser and knit looser.  It was so much easier to knit than the other one that was for sure.   See the mini and the maxi!
May try sewing soon as we are keeping our grandsons and they may just want to make scarves/hats like their cousins so I need to know if I can reach up to the machine myself so I can help them.


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