Monday, February 21, 2011

Brother's Pat On The Back!

A short post today.  Just wanted anyone who is interested in learning about how biotechnology in farming has changed, affected the farmer and affected the consumer read the post my brother Don wrote on his blog Platte Valley Farmer.  He talks about how biotechnology works and a little history of it in the agriculture area in this post.

We are both proud of our other brother C in his part in leading the research and development of  a biotec. corn, Enogen, that has the enzyme amylase inserted into it.  It was just released to be planted this year.  I am not a chemist like our brother C is so all I can tell you about this corn is that he and other scientists worked on this for 11 years and it is supposed to be a better corn for making ethanol.  It reduced the energy cost of making ethanol by around 10% and generally had unexpected benefits in running ethanol plants by using less water, lower maintenance and fewer plant shutdowns for cleaning.  This is what C says...I have a very unscientific brain so just nod my head and agree.   My brain is geared more to artistc efforts!


1 comment:

YankeeQuilter said...

Congrats to your brother.

I have a sister who is an Entomology professor and I find myself just nodding at lot when she talks too!


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