Monday, December 24, 2012

Another Jeans Stocking for the Fireplace

IMG_0674When I found out my brother would be here at the same time as our daughters and their families this Christmas I knew I needed to make a stocking for him from another old pair of jeans.  If you want to make one of your own please refer to the Tips and Tutorials page of my blog for the 5 part series of photos and directions for making these stockings from an old pair of denim blue jeans.  Starting on November 21, 2010, I made 12 of these stockings.IMG_0670Here are the pieces needed to make the stocking….a front cut from the waistband for the top of the this piece, a back piece that is cut from the hem of the jeans for the top edge and cut about 1/2” wider than the front piece, two pieces of cotton print for the toe pieces and a long piece with the excess fabric trimmed away from the flat felled seam of the jeans.  As you can see I left the pocket intact and hanging out right now.  It will be trimmed off after the pieces are stitched together.IMG_0819IMG_0824Using coordinating or contrasting thread stitch some lines of decorative stitches with your machine to outline the fused toe and heel pieces and anywhere else you want to add a little embellishment.IMG_0672Pin the front to the back, straightening the pocket that hangs out to lie flat.  Match the top edges and pin the layers together and as you can see the back sticks out beyond the front.  The edges will be stitched 1/4” inside the front pieces then trim the back even with the front.  RAW EDGES stay on the outside so this is an easy stocking to make.  No lining either.

Stitch a loop from the flat felled seam and stitch to the back edge of the stocking and hang.  I wanted to add my brother’s name to the stocking so I took a piece of the denim and hand guided the fabric to machine embroider his name on it.  I cut a slit in the top, wrapped it under the belt loop then stitched then ends together.  I wanted this stocking to be used again if we have guests at Christmas so the name can be changed, easy peasy!IMG_0818
IMG_0817All finished and ready to use.  We celebrated with our daughters and their families and my brother over the weekend.  Chris was so surprised at the stocking and the goodies it contained.  Christmas day we will travel to see my mother and more siblings so more gatherings to come.

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Winona said...

Oh my goodness! How stinking cute is this! I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

sherry said...

lucky chris to get that great stocking and lucky you to have you brother and family for christmas


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