Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Stocking Tips

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OK now for some hints and tips that I discovered while making the 10 stockings. The first hint is when deciding where to cut the fronts you need to watch where the rivets, belt loops, zipper or heavy jeans seams are. Your machine will have trouble with any of the metal (zipper or rivets) as needles will definitely break if you hit them. Same goes with the belt loops and heavy seams as some are so thick that needles have trouble piercing them.

Speaking of needles I have been using size 90 Superior titanium needles. They have worked well but I did break two when I hit heavy seams. I just hate it when that happens as I don't want to throw the timing off or mess something up in my machine. I was stitching very slowly too when I broke the needles.

When I had to cross a seam when I was doing the embroidery I used the seam leveler doodad that came with my machine. It is 3 riveted pieces of plastic that you slip under the side of the machine foot that is not lifted up by the seam. Helps to keep the stitching even going up over a seam or coming down.

Will post photos of the stockings in later posts so I don't get too many photos per post.

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janet dycus said...

i have a question you cut the shape out then make toe and heel then you fuse these on the front and then stitch around it . i love it but i am a little slow at times when i see somethigng so cute and looks easy .thank you i hope i can make one i woul;d love to try it for christmas


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