Monday, November 29, 2010

More Stockings to Show

 A friend of mine cut out stocking shapes from the old denim jeans and had them ready for her family when they came to her home for their Thanksgiving together.  Their family has a tradition of making some craft when they gather.  This year she had the shapes cut and had gathered all kinds of trims, buttons, appliques, lace etc. for them to use.  The kids are all teenagers and still love to make things at their grandparents home.  What a great tradition!

My friend M. had them use a hot glue gun to attach the decorations and then stitched the stocking front and back together on the machine. She had them fuse the toe and heel pieces onto the stockings just like I did though.  I love the way some of them used fabric through the belt loops.  She did mention that if they were to do it again she would stitch the two layers together before they decorated them as she thought it would work better.   

Doesn't that look like a fun family activity?

Until Later,

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Lesley said...

What a fantastic idea! Especially for teenagers who still like to have a stocking. As do many adults! I will have to go to the charity shop to find some old jeans. Will definitely make some. If not this year then definitely next.

Kaye said...

What a great idea. With 10 grandchildren my problem will be getting the jeans

GerryART said...

Oh, My, Lynn, what a GREAT Idea ! ! !

My daughter has many pairs of jeans just looking for a great end.
This is one of the best we've found.

Michelle said...

Aren't those adorable?

free indeed said...

THanks for sharing this great tute and the tips to an easier time. I plan on making one this year for sure. I too like the idea of a craft activity each time the family is together at Thanksgiving.

Maggey and Jim said...

Really really cute.. What a concept.. Love all of them

Janet said...

The stockings are adorable. I love the idea! Thanks for all the tips.

Debra said...

Love the stockings. I have many old jeans to find a project for. Making Christmas Stockings will be on the my list. I did make a practice stocking (not as creative as yours, as this was my first). But more stockings will soon follow. My pic of the Christmas stocking I made will be posting on my blog on Dec 19th.

Brooke Webster said...

are all of these used with regular sized jeans or toddler? They are beautiful. I am working on mine now, I am using toddler levi jeans.

Texas Susannie said...

So cute!!!


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