Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Stocking Fun Part 2

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The back of the stocking is cut the same way as the front of the stocking except you use the hem of the pair of jeans as the top of the back. Does that make sense?
I do cut the back larger than my pattern by about 1/4" on all sides except the top. I trim the excess off after the front and back are stitched together. It just makes it much easier to put the stocking together and you don't have to be so exact when cutting the pieces to match them up.
One thing I did not tell you yesterday was about the pattern. I drew the pattern I used by enlarging a pattern I already had. I am sure you can find a silhouette of a stocking you like on the internet or a color book, etc.UPDATE: Look on Tips and Tricks page for a PDF of stocking pattern.

I decorated the stockings by using the embroidery stitches on my machine and using a variety of thread colors, weights, and finishes. It was fun to use the stitches as I have not used that feature on my Bernina 730 very much. I did have a piece of scrap denim that I would do a little stitching to see how it would look before I did the stitching on the stockings. Some stitches didn't show as much as I wanted because the thread color value is too close to the value of the denim. I used what I had on hand after all I have lots of spools of thread that need to be used. Of course there are a few lines of embroidery stitches that are not the best but on the whole they look good. Click on the photos to make any of them larger.

After I got the embroidery stitching finished I laid the front and back and figured out where the hanger should be stitched. I cut the hanging strip from the flat feld seam on the sides of the jeans. I cut close to the seam on both the front and the back. This is a very thick seam with lots of denim layers and works well as the hanger. I cut my strips 10" long as I wanted to have enough to hang straight. The strips were laid on the the top edge of the inside of back section....whew, what a string of words. I did stitch two rows of stitching on the ends to attach them. Since everything is raw edged I didn't finish the ends.

I dropped the feed dogs on my machine and using a free hand embroidery foot I zig zagged the names on each of the stockings. I chalked some guidelines and chalked the name to give me a guide. I did John's name without guides and found out I could not write with the machine and keep track of where I was and the size of the letters without the guides. I also found out it is easier to stitch cursive writing over printing. I only did two with printing and that was enough. The photos of the stockings I post here have the names blurred out to keep my children and grandchildren anonymous. John and my name are readable though.

Lay the front over the back of the stocking, wrong sides together and stitch 1/4" around the stocking, backstitching at the beginning and ending to secure. Trim the excess backing even with the front of the stocking .....TA DAH it is done.

See I told you it was easy. The stocking doesn't have lining, you don't have to stitch a cuff or top edge, raw edges for the seams and fused toe and heel sections. Best of all they are so darned cute.

Will show a few today and a few more in the next posts. Will do at least one post on hints for a more successful project.

Boy have I had a problem getting the photos positioned. On the screen where I am typing in the information there is no gap between the photos but on Preview there is a I don't know why it is so hard to move and position them. Any hints would be appreciated!

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Try using html coding to help with placing the photo. I cannot type it on here but inside the arrows <>, type a p for a new paragraph (more space between the lines)or br for a break (just moves it down). Do that before and after the photo. Hope that helps.

Also, usually when using the arrows for code, you will need to follow it with an "end" command (but not for br or p).

Example for italic is i (in the arrows) then /i in the arrows. That stops the html command you just set.

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