Thursday, January 3, 2013



I have two beautiful red Amaryllis bulbs blooming right now but this is just a photo of one of them.  I purchased them this fall and one was supposed to be white but both are this pretty red color so one was obviously mislabeled.  One seems to have smaller blooms on shorter stems than this one that is much taller.  They were very inexpensive so don’t mind not getting a white one this time.  Will plant them both outside next summer and will see if they are the same next winter and if they are I will gift one to someone else.  I don’t think anything is more cheery during the winter than a bright splash of color from fresh flowers.  These started blooming right before Christmas and the second stem is now in full bloom....pretty, pretty, pretty!IMG_0813

I  have two large pink ones that I will plant in a few weeks so I can have lovely flowers later too.  Don’t want them all to bloom at the same time and have lots of winter with no flowers now do I? I have had the the pink bulbs for a couple of years now and they too were supposed to be different colors but both turned out to be pink.  They have multiplied during the summers outside so am going to share the extra with someone else.

I do fertilize them after they bloom while they are still in the pots then they get fertilized when they are outside too when I fertilize the other outside flowers.  I am guessing that is why they are multiplying and the bulbs are really getting quite large now too. Will be interesting to see how many flower stems they have.

Update - forgot to say I dig the bulbs up before frost and bring them into my garage for several months before I re-pot them.  Our garage is insulated and doesn't freeze but stays cool in the winter so the bulbs are fine there for a while but if you don't have a garage that doesn't freeze find a cool dark place for them to rest before replanting them.

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Virginia said...

I just had one of those 'duh' moments. I never thought of planting Amaryllis bulbs outside. I have kept mine inside for the past 3 year. I guess it's time for it to see what the outside world is like.


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