Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quilt Guild Border Challenge Round Three

IMG_1072-1Here is the third quilt I had to add a border to for our challenge.  This is quite striking looking as it is so wanted to add a border that would not detract from it.  Remember the challenge rules are to keep using the two main colors in the original block so knew I needed to use reds and blacks.IMG_1072
I decided to sort of echo the first border of black fabric with the red triangles in the center of each side and red triangles in the corners.  I did add 3 triangles on each side as it was just too much black with just one triangle.  They sort of make it look like houses but don’t quite match up to the bars in the previous border all the way across though.

We have one more exchange to make with one more block to add the last border to before we get the quilt block back that we made and has been traveling to different people to add borders and are to finish it by the May meeting.  We are to keep everything secret until the big unveiling at the May meeting and that will be very hard.  It is always so exciting to see what everyone did for the annual challenge and this year will be fun to see how the quilts turned out that you worked on.

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Lizzie P said...

That is so lovely!


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