Monday, January 28, 2013

I Love Jigsaw Puzzles

IMG_1053My grandkids gave me two new jigsaw puzzles for Christmas so after I got all the Christmas decorations put away the first part of January I got the first one out.  Whooee was it difficult but I managed to get it together after a few days by concentrating on each color of wildflower then only had green background to fill in to finish it.IMG_1060This second one looks like it was maybe a representation of the Macy’s Christmas Parade in New York with the balloons floating down the street.  It was really easy and went together in one afternoon. 

My granddaughters both love doing jigsaw puzzles like I do and last summer when they visited for 5 days we put 3 different puzzles together and were working on a 4th plus sewed their 4-H projects (pajama pants) before they had to go home. The grandsons don't enjoy doing puzzles as much but I am going to have to work on converting them I guess.

I have heard that doing all sorts of puzzles keeps your brain active and found the following on this website.  “Jigsaw puzzles are excellent brain training and co-ordination improvement tools and are quite fun!”  My 91 year old mother does one or two Sudoko puzzles each day and she swears it is keeping her brain in good shape and she just may be right too as she is still very sharp and doesn’t forget much plus keeps up on current events around the world.  It is a good thing to love to do puzzles and I enjoy Sudoko, jigsaw puzzles the paper kind and online and slitherlink puzzles (follow the links to online games.)  See, it is not wasting time to do puzzles but may even help your brain too.

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