Saturday, June 14, 2014

Silver Frame Purse by Quilt Plus

IMG_0758  IMG_0760
One of the things I purchased while in Paducah for the AQS show was this purse frame and pattern called Silver Frame Purse from Quilt Plus.  The frame is unique in that the fabric cover can be easily changed by unscrewing the end of a rod and replacing the purse body for another one.

Here are the fabrics I chose for the front on the left – all black and white prints cut and laid out ready to stitch together.  The fabrics on the right were used on the inside of the bag.  I loved this bird print and wanted the birds all standing on their feet on the inside so made a seam in the bottom rather than use one whole piece of fabric.  The spark is the fuchsia fabric for the trim on one pocket and the zipper.  This pattern did not have any pockets but I like pockets in all my purses/bags so added one zippered pocket to the outside and one zippered pocket and another patch pocket to the inside of the bag.  Added touch to the photo on the left is my feet, painted toe nails and all.
 IMG_0734  IMG_0736
This what the body of the bag looked like after quilting it.  Notice I added faux leather piping along the seams.  Not too hard to do and did learn one thing about using the piping.  I took a tweezers and pulled about 1/4” of the piping cord out and snipped it off at each of the ends so when the seams were stitched there was less bulk in that area.  That worked really well and I plan to do that again.  IMG_0739
Here is what the inside of the purse/bag looks like.  This is about a 7” width frame and is just a perfect size for me.  I loved it so much I made another cover to fit the same frame on the next blog post but now I want to show you the zipper pulls I made for this bag.  I used beading wire and attached a charm and a bead to the zipper.  Makes it so much easier to open the zippers and adds a finishing touch to the purse/bag.
IMG_0767  IMG_0850
On the next post I will show you the next bag I made for this frame.   I seem to be on a roll making new bags….too bad each one doesn’t come with it’s own cash to store in it!

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Jeanna said...

Gorgeous bag. Your quilting is spectacular!

Elaine Adair said...

Very pretty - it is soooo difficult to resist such a lovely project! I still have to get the quilt done that is on my "design floor" that was inspired by another blogger!!! Not complaining - we sure are all good for each other. This purse is stunning - Good idea to make the strap interchangeable, and the zipper pull is the icing on the cake!!!


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