Sunday, June 8, 2014

You Are My Sunshine Part 2

IMG_9675 IMG_9676
Auditioning the lattice fabric between the blocks then auditioning the border fabrics is how I made my decision.  I just kept trying the different combinations of fabrics until I found the ones I liked together with the blocks.
All pieced and ready to quilt.  I do want you to try and find a piecing mistake I didn’t notice until I had the wall hanging all quilted, bound and hung.  Just look at the photo below and see if you can spot it.  It is very obvious once you see it but I really must have not looked too closely before I layered it to quilt.IMG_9706Next is the quilting and I will reveal the piecing mistake so come back to find out where it is if you didn't spot it.

Until later,


Jeanna said...

I don't know Lynn but it looks pretty good to me. Looking forward to the quilting and piecing reveal.

Virginia said...

It is very nice. The only thing I could see to change would be the two corner border squares. To me the top and bottom squares should mirror each other.


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