Monday, June 16, 2014

Silver Frame Purse, Second Addition

IMG_0855  IMG_0856
Here is the second bag I made from the Silver Frame Purse pattern by Quilt Plus.  This one is made of solid home furnishing fabric.  Again I added the zippered pocket on the outside and one on the inside as well as a patch pocket on the inside.IMG_0860The lining fabric is a gold colored brocade fabric and really makes the inside fancy looking.  This bag is more dressy looking since it is a solid fabric and will be nice to carry for those occasions when I want a dressier bag.  I do need to get or make a couple of different length straps as these can be changed as well.

One thing I didn’t talk about when I showed the other bag was what I used for interfacing.  With both bags I used headliner fabric that I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics.  This is really close to Soft and Stable, an interfacing sold especially for purse making,  Headliner fabric is what is says it is and us used when people redo cars and need to replace the soft fabric on the inside roof.  It has a thin layer of foam with a covering on one side with a soft knitted fabric.  The Soft and Stable has the knit covering on both sides but I have found the headliner fabric performs just as well and for me it is more readily available and a little cheaper too.
Either one of them doesn’t have to be quilted but can be quilted like the other bag.  I did straight stitch where the seams would have been on the other pattern just to keep it in place.  Another thing I do is trim it back so it doesn’t end up in the seam allowances if it is secured in another area.  Cut the corners out to reduce bulk too.  These tips will save you a lot of grief if you use this product.  I love using this product it as my bags don’t sag and hold their shape.
I used an iron on interfacing for the lining of both bags to give it some body without adding anymore bulk. IMG_0858
The zipper pulls on this bag I made from a large bead with the beading wire again.  I am glad I figured out how to make my own zipper pulls as I have had a hard time finding ones that I like and that were not so expensive.

Wow, I am on a roll getting caught up writing these blog posts.  Will have to see what I have next on the agenda to write about.  The beginning of the summer is always so busy with grandchildren's school programs, family gatherings, grandchildren’s visits, yard and garden work and this summer I sure got behind on my posting and will try to do better now. 

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