Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Are My Sunshine Part 3

All quilted and it was a fun piece to quilt.  I marked very little and used several colors of thread to stitch the designs.  Just click on the photos below to see more of the detail of my quilting.  As you will see I used a lot of feather designs or designs similar to feathers because I just love stitching that type of design.  I also changed thread colors a lot.
IMG_0712  IMG_0714
IMG_0714-b  IMG_0717
IMG_0718  IMG_0720
I added a folded piece of the bright yellow fabric as a small flange just inside the binding.   I like the yellow thread on the red outside border as the design really shows up well with that thread color too.

OK, did you find the mistake in my piecing?  Scroll to the top and look at the finished quilt and notice the four corners of the last red border.  I had planned for the stripe to go diagonally out from the center like the two top corners but how I got the bottom two durned around is beyond me.  What totally amazes me is not that I made the mistake but that I failed to see if for a couple of months.  ( Yes I have had this quilt done for a while but just getting the blog posts written now.  )  I will leave it but now when I look at the quilt I see these corners first.

Until Later,


Ramona said...

Oh I love your Sunshine quilt! The colors just pop and the quilting is beautiful. Just gorgeous!

Jeanna said...

I love how you quilted this one, just beautiful. When you first mentioned there was a mistake, I looked at the corners but still didn't 'get it'. It's still very pretty.

antique quilter said...

I LOVE this quilt, it just makes me smile!
wow. nope never would have notice the corners even when i went back and looked again before you told us where…then I looked again and its fine. I know its what you see first hopefully in time you won't
we have all been there one time or another in our quilt making.
enjoy it


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