Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hot Pad or Christmas Mug Rug

Another friend just gave me a hot pad as a gift.  It is made like the ones I make out of old denim blue jeans.  I blogged about them on this post from back on July 21 2011.  Check it out for a tutorial.  You can find more of these potholders on blog posts here and here  too.
As you can see I have decided to use this newest one as a mug rug for my pot of tea and my mug.  I use it every morning as I sip my tea and read my morning email and the newest posts from my favorite bloggers. (Yes, I make my tea using loose leaf tea in a coffee press and it works great!)IMG_2716
This particular hot pad is a little smaller than I make mine but works great all the same.  Wanted to use this one a lot right now as it is a Christmas themed one with candy canes on the fabric.
These really do make the best pot holders and so quick easy to make too.  In fact they are the only ones I use now.  No heat comes through and no burns to my hands with these.IMG_2718-flake
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