Monday, December 1, 2014

Denim Blue Jeans Stockings

In 2010 I made Christmas stockings for my whole family from old denim blue jeans.  It was a fun and fairly easy project to do.  I blogged about the steps to making them on several posts but never posted a pattern until now.  It has been a very popular blog post series and has been passed around Pintrest a lot the last few years.  It seemed when ever I would think of getting a line drawing of the stocking pattern the stockings were all packed away with the Christmas decorations but you are all in luck now.  Again a reader asked for the pattern and I just happened to have them all out ready to hang on the fireplace so traced around one of them and made a PDF pattern that you can download and print.

Download the PDF pattern from this Link.  Remember this is my pattern and I am allowing you to use it to make your own stockings but do not steal this pattern and publish it as your own work.  Please adhere to my request.  Share the link with friends, that is OK, but do not copy any of my blog pages or this pattern to publish on another webpage or for sale!

This is a fairly large stocking as I wanted it big enough I could actually fill it with small gifts.  If you want a smaller stocking just reduce the printed pattern on a copier.

Below are the links to the original posts where you will find instructions, pictures of finished stockings and hints and tips I learned along the way.

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Part 2 Christmas Stocking Fun Part 2
Part 3 Christmas Stocking Tips
Part 4 Denim Jeans Christmas Stockings
Part 5 More Stocking Hints And Observations
Part 6 Two More Christmas Stockings
Part 7 Hanging The Stockings
Part 8 More Stockings To Show
Part 9 Another Jeans Stocking For The Fireplace
Part 10 Pattern (this blog post)
Let me know if you have made any of these stockings and send me a photo as I would love to see what others do with the pattern.



Unknown said...

Many thanks for the link to the template!!!!

Mama Lusco said...

Thank you so much for the stocking template and great tutorials. I found one of your denim stockings on Pinterest. I'm hoping to make one for our foster child. Thank you!

flynn37 said...

You mentioned not to sell or post the pattern/instructions, but what about selling stockings made from the pattern?

Lynn said...

You may sell any stockings you make and sew yourself (no manufacturing company though) but I just don't give permission for someone to make a pattern with my design and sell it.

Would love to see any you make , everyone puts their own spin on them.


flynn37 said...

Thank you! Smart idea to put your contact info right on the pattern. So many times I just don't remember where they came from by the time I get around to using them! Appreciate all the hard work that went into this post, instructions, photos, etc.

Pat said...

Thank you Lynn so much for this great recycle idea! I love recycling items to make new crafts. What a great tutorial you have created too! Love the info with all the pics.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your Christmas stockings! Thank You so much for sharing how you made them. The heel and toe idea, with the embroidery is spectacular.


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