Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy Days With Little Stitching Done

Good morning! The sun is shining but it didn't get as cold last night as the night before. We had our first frost yesterday morning but it wasn't enough to kill my tomatoes or the flowers so will get to enjoy them a little while longer.

I've been busy since I last blogged on Saturday. We had our grandson's birthday party to attend, and of course play with all 4 of our grandkids on Sunday. Monday I headed to Lincoln to take my 2nd and 3rd Mastery class for my Bernina. Had one of my sisters and husband visit for a few days and my quilt guild meeting last night....Whew today is nice and quiet and no place to go!

While on the drive up to Lincoln on Monday I found out my sister and her husband were on their way to our house in their moter home for a few days. They had intended to drive to Fort Robinson in north west Nebraska and do some camping and fishing but with the weather as cold as it was predicted and the constant rain they decided to come visit us instead. John entertained them on Monday since I didn't get home from Lincoln until 11:00 pm.

Jeannine and I did have fun on Tuesday. We made her a large pressing board that she wants to sit on top of her regular ironing board, plus talked quilts most of the day. The guys did a little tinkering in the shop but mostly watched it rain and rain and rain! We got 2" out of the four day storm so we won't be harvesting for a while. (Good news the drying bin is fixed and ready to go now though.)

Back to the Mastery Classes for my new machine. The gal that is teaching them is sure doing a nice job. I have learned a lot of new techniques on this machine, more than I ever did on the old one. Some of the things I have learned I could have done on my 150 Bernina too. The teacher is using the Mastering your Bernina/bernette Sewing Machine Workbook that I found a link to on line in case some one else wants to download it.

The Bernina Sewing Center offered classes #2 in the afternoon and #3 in the evening so decided to sign up for both since I don't know if I would be available to drive to Lincoln when the #3 class is offered in the afternoon, my preferred time. Normally I don't like to drive home from Lincoln so late but didn't have any problems as the rain had let up and I had pumped myself full of caffeine with a Diet Pepsi at 6:00 pm.

We had a nice attendance at quilt guild last night. Not much business to discuss so went right to the program. We all made little pin cushions like the one I showed in an earlier post. The gal doing the program got the napkin rings, some wool to stuff it with plus brought several fabrics. Everyone had a good time making the tiny pin cushion I think.

This is how far I am on the mini tessellated leaf quilt I am making. Got a few more blocks finished but still have 8 more for this quilt besides the partly finished block. Am wondering if I really want to make two quilts....hmmm. Stitching one block at a time to keep all the fabrics in the right positions sure makes it take longer. Just hope it all has a good enough contrast to make the blocks show up after they are joined. They look a little too close right now so maybe I should sew some together and see how they look before I go on. The blocks each have 1/4" seam allowances so will look quite a bit different when sewn together to make the 3/4" blocks.

Happy Sewing,

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