Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quilts in the Mail

I got the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday! It was from my quilt friend across the ocean in Romania. Her name is Georgeta Grama and she does wonderful shadow trapunto quilting. Visit her website to see more of her work.

Back to the package....Geta sent me two beautiful pieces of her work. One is a 6" square with the most delicate design and they other is a rose on a postcard. Both just take my breath away. I don't see how she does the intricate cutting to achieve her designs.

She prints her designs on paper then layers them between batting and organza. After stitching the design through the paper she removes it and cuts the excess batting away from the design. Lastly she layers it on a pretty fabric, batting and backing and machine quilts it. All I can say is "Wow" when I look at them and thank her so much.

Besides the quilts she sent 3 of her patterns printed out on paper plus some great clippers and a yard of organza. It is a lot stiffer organza than I have seen here in the fabric shops I have been to and am anxious to try her technique.

Geta was invited to have two of her pieces in Houston for the International Quilt Market and Festival and had one more accepted in the contest so if you will be there please look for them.

John has to be gone for the day to a meeting so I have a whole day with no interruptions. Want to get to sewing right away to take advantage of the quiet.

Happy sewing.



Alexandra said...

I have admired your beautiful miniature quilt sent to Geta, but I also have seen Geta's miniature shadow trapunto before she sent it to you. Isn't it wonderful? I am glad you liked it, and I am sure that you will also do some lovely quilts using her patterns.

Elaine Adair said...

Hey, fella Nebraskan! I know only ONE other Nebraska Blogger! I see you went to Threads - I'm tied up with guests, guild and a retreat but would love to communicate with you when my activities settle down after this month. Are you in the State Quilt Guild? I'm to be the new Rep for our district (#3), starting in January - not sure what that entails but .... Were you at the Convention at Chadron? I was the "Crazy Lady Quilt Police" ... LOL (who enjoys life!) 8-)

Your message to me was "no reply" 8-(

maggi said...

What a lovely surprise to get in the mail. I have seen Geta's quits on her blog and think they are wonderful. Love your blog site, the photos are just beautiful. Maggi

Georgeta Grama said...

Lynn, I am glad you like the mini quilt ! I tried to make it smaller (like yours) but it was impossible! Unfortunately I didn’t have too many choices for the design at that scale.


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