Saturday, October 11, 2008

Plant Digging Hands

I got all the geraniums and gerbera daisies dug yesterday and brought into the garage to over winter. I have several pots of each plus decided to see if I could save my lantana and the African daisy so dug them up and potted them as well. It was quite a job and although I wore gloves my hands got pretty grimy. I just want everyone that looks at the previous post to know that my nails don't always look this bad. Didn't even think about looking at my hands when I posted the photos as I was more interested in the step by step directions and how the photos showed what I wanted to show. Boy, my hands and nails look awful - YUCK! They are pretty stained looking in the pictures.

Guess I will need a hand model from now on. It sure won't be my husband as his hands and nails look worse than mine with all the fixing he does around the farm. The only time his hands are soft and nails look good is after we have been on vacation for about a week.

Now that I have told you all about the nails I am sure you will all go back and look at the pictures to really see how gross they are now that I have pointed them out!

Back to stitching more of those leaf blocks for me now then maybe another good fingernail scrubbing and maybe some red nail polish to hide the stains!


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