Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Clean House

A friend sent me this in an email and I got a good chuckle out of it so am sharing it with you. It could also say "A Clean House Is A Sign of a Broken Sewing Machine" or the traditional saying "A Clean House is A Sign of A Waisted Life." In my case today it should say "A Clean House Is A Sign Of Company Coming."

Today I am cleaning house not because my computer or sewing machine are broken, but because we are having company this weekend. John and I are not super neat but not slobs either. Things do get to be a mess once in a while and I have to stop and tidy up occasionally. The house looks good now except I do need to vacuum the floors and dust the furniture yet, but I got all the laundry caught up and all the bits and pieces put in their proper places today.

We have 5 guys from the Cincinnati, Ohio area come to hunt on opening pheasant hunting season each year. They stay at a nearby motel but John and a few other locals show them around, etc. On Sunday each year they cook for all of the guys and their families and I have volunteered our house for the last 3 years. They buy the steaks and all the other food and do all the cooking and cleaning up. They don't let me do a thing in my own kitchen except to tell them where things are located. I love it!

Back to the last of the cleaning for today.....


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