Friday, October 10, 2008

New Mini Quilt

The new flannel board is coming in really handy already. I started two new quilts yesterday and have the strips of fabric arranged in order for the almost identical quilts. These quilts are being made for a set of bunked doll beds I have had for a few years. Have pinned the pattern and the two blocks I have finished to the board as paper will not stick to the flannel but the insulation board and the foam backing on the headliner cloth makes it easy to pin.
I used EQ6 to design the quilt - see photo below. That is the plan to start with anyway. The colors on the printout from EQ6 are only an estimation to just give me an idea of what they will look like together. I don't worry about matching the exact fabric just use color to get an approximation. The second quilt will be pieced the same with the tessellated leaves but will have the fabrics in a different order.

I can only piece one block at a time to make sure to get the right colors in the right places. These blocks will finish .75" so am working with tiny pieces. It is slow going but that is OK. I may think differently when I get to the second quilt though - there are 40 blocks total in the quilts.

Will probably piece the background blue border in larger strips with the half square triangles but this is the only way I know how to do it when designing on EQ to make it come out looking right.

Might not get too much done on the piecing today as I think I had better bite the bullet and get outside and dig up the plants I want to over winter in the house. It is supposed to get pretty cold tonight and would hate to loose them. Saves money in the spring besides the plants are bigger to start out the spring.

Just spell checked this blog - thank goodness we have that option as there were plenty of errors. My spelling and typing can be bad at times! I try to re-read every blog to make sure it makes sense but can still miss some spelling errors.

One of my grandsons birthday is today - he is 6 and so excited for the birthday party for his friends on Saturday and his family on Sunday. Always fun to see the faces of our grandkids when they open birthday gifts and when we sing Happy Birthday to them. Can't wait to see all 4 of our grandkids on Sunday, it is always a fun time. We also want to see our daughters and husbands too, didn't mean to leave them out.


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Georgeta Grama said...

Lynn, the design is so pretty ! I love those autumn colors! Can’t wait to see the quilts done !

Happy birthday to your grandson !


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