Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello Again!

We purchased the new computer, monitor and printer and I have spent much time getting everything set up and working this last week. It takes a lot of time to install the programs and to make sure they all work like they supposed to. Hope we don't have any more computer problems now for a long, long time.

I have been working a little on stitching the half square triangles from my cut up scraps. It isn't much to look at and it will be a while before I have enough to make anything with. Plan to sew on them when I can but have a couple of other quilt projects in the works now too.
Yesterday was a fun day with a couple of my "quilty" friends. We get together for each other's birthdays and yesterday we were celebrating my birthday which was last week. We met at one of my friends quilt shop and the other gal taught us how do do beading using the tiny, tiny Delica beads. She has been beading for a while and brought the supplies we needed and got us started beading around a wooden needle case.

The first couple of rounds were a little confusing but after that it was pretty simple. I finished the red and white stripe bottom part of the needle case last evening and started on the blue lid this morning. The beads are woven into the first ring of beads one at a time building up the design as you go. We were using the Peyote stitch for this project but there are other types of stitches you can use too. By mid-afternoon I had the top done and had filled in the bottom of the case with beads too.

This was a really easy project to do and I am thinking of trying another beaded project. The pattern for this case was easy, the dark red beads were supposed to be scattered along the left of the red, and there were sparkly white beads woven every so often. Having the stripes the same all the way up made it easy to see if you had a wrong bead somewhere.

Harvest has started here now. John started combining soy beans yesterday but he is having a hard time finding a field that the beans are dry enough. Beans that are too wet have to be dried down and that takes fuel and gets very expensive so we try to let them dry down in the field if we can. So far I have not had to be in the field helping yet. I will be driving the grain cart when I am needed so am enjoying my time in the house while I can.

The days get really long when we are harvesting and helping in the field is not my favorite thing to do. In fact I told my husband if he ever wanted to hire someone to take my place it wouldn't hurt my feelings. He said not to count on that - Rats!

Guess I will go sew some more half square triangles as I won't see John until later this evening when he quits for the day. There won't be any interruptions so should get a lot done.


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tich said...

Sorry you had so many computer problems. Nice to have you back! Beading is FUN!!


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