Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zap - Pow - Bang

No I am not talking about a cartoon. We had lightening strike near our house, real near, on Friday evening and it ruined a few things and other things are not working right.

The power to the house went off then on twice, then on for good when the lightening hit. We don't think it was a direct hit as we can't see any burned spots but it was mighty close. I saw a large flash of light between the house and driveway when I was standing at the kitchen window that evening.

The strike knocked out our Internet service and has made our desk top computer do some odd things since then. The Internet service guy came out yesterday and had to end up replacing everything but the cable from the roof top to the computer. He had to test all the things individually so he was here a couple of hours.

The Direct TV (satellite TV company) repairmen came out yesterday afternoon too as we had not been able to get any TV since Friday. They too had to test all the cables etc before determining that both our boxes were no good and had to replace them.

After the electricity came back on that evening I ran to my sewing machine and turned it on and it seems to be OK. I sewed on it the last few days to make sure. It was turned off at the time but so were the TVs. From now on it will be unplugged when I am not sewing.

Lightening is a strange thing as it made the garage door opener not work, one phone, and turned a lamp on in the basement. Everything else seems to be working so far anyway. The Internet repair guy said to watch as sometimes it takes a week or more for some of the damage to show up - great! :-(

Will see about the computer tomorrow as I am taking it in to be looked at. The Internet guy thinks there is probably damage to it too as we can't get sound, can't print as well and the Ethernet connection to it doesn't work. Thank goodness we have the lap top computer now. I sure was lost this weekend with out TV and Internet. Good for me to have to do something else but sure depend on getting emails and being entertained by the TV, especially in the evenings.

We asked about stronger serge protectors as the Direct TV units, Internet, and computer were plugged into them. The power company said with lightening strikes it is hard to find any serge protectors strong enough as there is such a big burst of power rushing through and it is strange that it just goes certain places and not all over the house at times.

Working on sewing some of my scrap 3" squares into half square triangles the last few days. Not getting too far but it is nice to sit down at the machine. Am wondering if I should take my machine in to have it checked out too? It needs it's annual check up anyway so will probably call soon to have it done.


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