Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today we were combining soybeans but didn't get started until after noon as the stalks were too wet from the frost overnight to start earlier. The beans combine better when the stems and pods are dry. Here is a shot of John driving the combine through the soybeans. I am in the tractor and grain cart sitting at the end of the field waiting for him to turn and go the other direction.
I zoomed in on the combine - the special bean head with the reel helps gather in the stems where they are cut off about 3" from the ground. The cut stems and pods are fed into the combine where the beans are separated from all the chaff. The chaff goes out the back and falls to the ground behind the combine and the beans go into the bin. This is a close up look at the bean head behind the reel. The yellow auger like thing directs the bean plant into the combine.
John moving away from me.
Now here is a look at what I drive. Yes, it is a big red tractor pulling the grain cart. Took this photo before we got started today so it is just parked near the field we are going to be working. When I drive alongside John in the combine he augers the harvested soybeans into my grain cart. After he is finished filling me up I drive back to the trucks and fold out the auger and fill the trucks. We go back and forth like this all day. I gave the camera to John right before we headed out to the field and had him get a shot of me standing in the doorway to the tractor. I keep my cell phone and other necessities in my fanny pack and you can see my red cooler sitting inside the tractor cab. I didn't need my lunch along today as we ate before we headed to the field but need to have a supply of water bottles.

It was really cool this morning when we got up. There was frost on the lawn and the temperature was down to 35 at 8:00 am this morning. I think it was up to 60 degrees by noon and was around 70 at 4:00 pm. With all the glass in the tractor it gets warm so had the air condition on all day.

Fixed a hot sandwich, potato wedges, cookies and pudding in sack lunches for supper for the 3 guys. I usually just run the grain cart until our part time help arrives around 5, but today I had the trucks and grain cart full as the other part time guy that works for us had not returned from his school bus driving so at 4:00 I got to go home. It gave me a little more time to think of something to make to take to the field for supper. The guys don't want anything they have to use a fork or spoon on so have to get inventive. I like to take something hot as we all eat cold sandwiches at noon most of the time.

Think I am just rambling......should close and get my laundry out of the dryer and folded then get myself to bed.

One more thing....I did sew, press and trim some more of those half square triangles this morning. Slowly but surely I am getting them done.

Good night,


Selvage Quilter said...

Hi Lynn,
That was a very interesting post, I don't know much about farming. But I have operated a tractor! Great photos.

Geta Grama said...

You are so brave !

tich said...

That is some size of tractor. I would be petrified!!


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