Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Right - Left - Right

Right, left, right ......No I am not marching, I am cutting fabric with my rotary cutters.

I have had the original Olfa cutter for years but recently purchased one of the ergonomic cutters when I found them on sale. It works wonderfully but I do have a problem with it.
The problem starts because I cut with both my right and left hands even though I am left handed. The original one worked easily with either hand because I could flip it over to use with the opposite hand but I have to make a choice with the new one. I can put the blade on one side to cut left handed or the other side for right handed cutting.

I decided to make the new one a left handed cutter. What I am doing is laying my fabric out, trimming the right hand side to straighten it with the old cutter, then I position the ruler for the size of cut I want to make and grab the new cutter to slice off the pieces. So far it is working even though it might seem a little strange. I lay one cutter on each side of my mat so it is handy to grab with the corresponding hand. Could just use the old one but I like the way the new one handles and don't want to flip my mat around. I have one of the rotating mats but am cutting some larger pieces of fabric and they don't fold that small.

Not a lot to blog about lately when all I am doing is cutting up scraps. I could show my shrinking fabric box and my growing piles of squares and strips but in actuality you can't see much difference. I am not spending all my time cutting so the box is not getting empty too fast nor the piles of cut shapes getting bigger very quickly either.

I do the newsletter for our quilt guild each month so spent a lot of time today getting it done as much as I can until I get the rest of the information. It takes more time than one would think to get the information and put it in newsletter form. I like to get it out the first of the month so it gives members time to gather supplies if needed for the meeting, etc.

Happy Quilting,

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