Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chilly Fall Trail Ride

Yesterday was the annual trail ride for the Circle CTN saddle club. We had about 80 horses and riders show up for the ride. It is about a 15 mile ride with a break at noon when the club serves everyone a meal. This is a photo of some of the horses as they leave Oak, Nebraska at the start of the ride.  Most of the ride is through pastures and very little road riding so the scenery is really pretty for the riders.

Everyone was so cold when they arrived for the noon break as the temperature had dropped all morning. It was 61 degrees F. at 7:30 am and 54 degrees F. at noon with a pretty good wind blowing to make it feel even colder. There was also a fine mist falling so everyone was wishing for a hot drink instead of the iced tea and water we had.
John on his horse Jesse at the noon break.  We have the meal in our pasture which is about half way for the ride.

I took this photo looking at the riders getting ready to depart after lunch.  The club sets up panels in groups of three to make triangles for the riders to tie up their horses during the break.

The club used to have the trail ride in July but after so many years of extreme heat they moved it to a weekend in September. The 100 degree days in July were too hard on the horses and the riders. At least when it is cold you can add layers of clothing. I was amazed at how many people that just brought a light jacket...maybe they will remember to bring a couple of sweatshirts next year.  I am just glad I got to come home after everyone finished eating.  We served BBQ brisket on buns, pork and beans, potato salad, brownies and tea/water so it was a really good meal.

(Have a cup of hot tea in my hands too to try to warm up after being outside and getting pretty chilly)


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