Monday, September 20, 2010

Quilt Guild Quilt Program

The quilt guild I belong meets in the assisted living facility.  The building is new and the room we meet in is very nice.  We are not charged rent and they make the coffee and tea for our meetings as well so we sure can't beat that kind of a deal.

Last Thursday evening was our regularly scheduled meeting and we were asked by the assisted living people if we could do a quilt showing for the residents that afternoon. Of course we said we could do that for them.

I took a few quilts down and several other members brought quilts too. It was a really pleasant afternoon. Members told about their quilts and held them up for the residents to see. We also walked around the room with the quilts so they could get a closer look as well.

We heard lots of compliments after the program so am glad we did it for them. I am sure we will do it again sometime as it really was not much work and you know quilters always like to talk about and show their quilts. A lot of the residents were quilters in their younger years so were very interested in seeing what we make.

Happy Quilting,

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