Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday...hard to believe the age I am now. I just don't know where all those years went and they went by so quickly. I was talking to my mother who is 89 about that not too long ago and I told her I really don't feel like I am as old as I am. (Will not divulge my age to you all as I don't want you to know how really old and decrepit I am.)

I told her I feel I should be about 15 years younger...that number sounds just about right. She laughed and said that if I think I am having a hard time believing how old I am then try to be the mother of such an "old" daughter. We laughed and then she said she really doesn't feel in her head that she is 89 either but closer to 70-75. Of course she followed that by saying that some days she felt like she was 109 though!

I am having the best birthday ...just doing what I want which is pretty much nothing. This morning I cleaned off some of the audio books that I have listened to from my iPod. Have washed up some fabric and hope to get the Freida Anderson quilt basted to quilt. I love not having anywhere to go today. I purposely scheduled my PT for tomorrow so I wouldn't have to drive to Hastings.

The only thing making my birthday less than perfect is the horrible winds we are having today. The weather guy said they are gusting 35 + miles per hour so it is pretty nasty out. The temperature is up to 91 degrees F now too so it is both hot and windy. Sure a big change from Saturday and Sunday when it was down to low 50s for the high each day.

Guess I will now go do some more of that nothing and enjoy the rest of the day.
(The photo I took this morning with my camera on a tripod - you know it is hard to take a photo of yourself and make yourself look natural and normal. I had so many really bad ones and this one was the best of the lot.)


paula, the quilter said...

Happy Birthday! The photo turned out well. Those winds are nasty, aren't they? Add those to the high heat and we have Red Flag Warnings all over our state -- too many wildfires.

Geta Grama said...

Happy Birthday, Lynn !
You look wonderful !

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to you - however I realize I am a day late - I am so glad you are back sharing (blogging) your life and quilts with us. I have been following for a while - however don't think I have posted before.
This is the first that I have checked in for some time - so I had to "catch up" you really are looking good and thanks again for sharing - Carol (Rural Western New York State)


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