Saturday, September 25, 2010


Harvest has started here now. John is combining corn just east of our house. He tried cutting some soybeans but the moisture content was too high so went back to corn.  I stepped out of my front door and snapped these photos. You can see the horses in the pasture just beyond the lot fences then the cornfield in this first photo.

You can see the combine emptying the corn onto the grain cart in the first photo and the second photo shows the tractor and grain cart going to the truck where the corn will be augered into it.

So far I have not even tried to drive the grain cart. Not sure when I will try. So far John has not needed me which is OK by me. I am not looking forward to doing it this year anyway.
Happy Harvest


Kim said...

I have so enjoyed your blog for quite some time. I grew up in south east Nebraska. So your writing of the area is really fun for me. But also enjoy all of your quilting projects. Keep up the good work & I'm glad your ankle is doing so much better.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

There's nothing like Nebraska horizons! Great photos.
My brothers on the western end of the state just finished the millet harvest. They were still picking up last year's millet in March or April of this year due to the rotten weather. It's relief when the crops are in!


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