Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4-H Quilts of Valor

The 4-H members here in Nebraska are being asked to make Quilts of Valor and state wide the 4-H groups are taking on this project this year.  There are a group of kids in our area that will be working on several and have asked guild members for donations of fabric, batting, thread, money and time to help them in their efforts.  While in Paducah I made it a priority to search out and find some red, white and blue fabric to donate for this project.  Most of the fabrics I have in my stash here at home are only fat quarters and wanted to donate larger cuts.  I purchased these 2 yard cuts at Eleanor Burn’s tent and watched for the “color of the day” sales which made them a little less expensive.  Eleanor has such low cost fabric anyway during the AQS show it was a good time to purchase it. 

I love that the cream colored fabric has words on it like “Liberty, Country, Freedom, Stars, Stripes” so it is very patriotic.  It also has gold stars printed on it too.  The red has small stars and the blue has a swirly design.  The 4-Hers are asking for red, white and blue fabrics and thought these would certainly fit the bill. 

If I can help the days the 4-Hers are working I will but don’t know about that yet.  It kind of depends on my ankle a little too plus if I need to make a trip out to help my granddaughter sew.  They think grandma Lynn supervising is not so bad and both girls are sewing this year.  One is making a pillow case and the other is making a skirt.  I will be helping my grandson in a few weeks make his pillow case too but since the fairs are all in July and they have other projects to do over the summer we want to get the sewing done before they get busy with other things.


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