Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paducah Vendor Shopping

Whoa....check out the signs on the building across from the quilt museum in Paducah!
Besides the opportunity to see the fantastic quilts at the AQS show in Paducah, Kentucky the shopping is just as wonderful.  It isn’t that there aren’t great quilt shops here in Nebraska, because there are lots of very nice quilt shops with lots of stuff to buy but going from vendor to vendor and looking for the unusual or new tool or jewelry  and of course the bargain fabric is so much fun.  Looking at all the latest and greatest sewing machines and long arms, mid arms, rulers, cutting systems, thread…..oh my, just makes my heart flutter thinking about it.

I started my “Paducah” list almost as soon as I got home from last year, updating it on my computer or pinning a note to my bulletin board.  If I see or hear about a tool, gadget that might come in handy I put it on the list.  If I wonder what something really looks like or how it works, it goes on the list.  I had a long list when I went to Paducah this year but expected to not buy all the items even if I could find them.  Some things I just want to see in person and see how they work or why they are supposed to be so wonderful.  Other things/fabrics I truly hope to find so it is basically a big scavenger hunt.  The only problem with a long list is that I have to keep looking at it as I forget what was on the list.  I can only remember to look for a few things at a time otherwise.   The 4 sewers among us had different lists and would be on the lookout for each other too – it was so much fun to search each booth for the things on our lists.  Our friend D is not a stitcher of any kind but she loves that we love it all and she loves to look at all the beautiful quilts.   My two sisters and niece and I have been sewing since we were small children and really enjoy the shopping.

One of the things I purchased was this small bag with a beautiful Mola applique on the front.  I like to use a small bag when I when I can but still need to have my phone and some cash and a credit card.  The bag of similar size I have been using is getting worn out so was happy to find this cute one.  Look at all the zippers!  There are 3 zippered pockets on the front, two zippered pockets on the top plus another compartment without a zipper.  Not sure I have that many things to carry but is nice to have the option.    This bag is about 5” x 8 and has a long shoulder strap.   We ran across a couple of booths selling all sorts of bags, wallets and unfinished blocks of this type and they were all so beautiful  I could have purchased one of each but had to confine myself to just one purchase and think I made a pretty choice.

Will be showing more Paducah purchases on another post but it will have to wait a few days as we have two high school graduations to attend this weekend and will be visiting and celebrating with family.

Ankle update…I’m getting along OK and walking now with crutches but have to remember to keep the boot on to protect my ankle from an accidental break when ever I am walking.  I have another week before I see the Dr. again and at that time the staples will come out and that can not come too soon….the row of staples are really irritating and itch.  I will have X-Rays of the ankle I am sure to make sure the bone has grown in the screw holes before I will be allowed to go without the boot.  Keep your fingers crossed I will be without my boot next weekend.

The funny thing is that I will be sitting without the boot on watching TV or sewing and decide I need something and I will stand up and start to walk and it hits me….whoa….I don’t have my boot on, so carefully get back to sitting and put the boot on and grab the crutches.  I don’t have any pain just those annoying staples so forget at times.  The boot is hot, heavy and stiff and I only need to wear it when I am walking or standing so I take it off at other times.  Think by Monday I will not use the crutches anymore as I am not putting much weight on them now anyway.  For the graduation parties I will keep them handy or at least use one of them just to make sure I stay safe.

Be back in a few days…

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tich said...

The pictures were fantastic. Enjoy your party


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